Annual Membership Dues

We have two types of annual memberships – Full and Half

Full Annual Membership

The Full annual membership covers all 14 rounds in the schedule. The 2023 cost for the Full Membership is $170. The member is responsible for paying their greens/cart fees for each outing. If they are unable to participate in one of the outings they do not need to pay the greens/cart fees.

Half Annual Membership

The Half annual membership covers any 7 rounds in the schedule. The 2023 cost for the Half Membership is $100. The member is allowed to select the rounds they wish to participate up to 7 rounds total on a week to week basis. The member would pay $10 on the day of the outing for each additional round beyond the 7.

Member Responsibilities

Respond to the Group Text – The member is responsible for replying to the group text in a timely manner. – A text will be sent to the entire group about 5 days before each outing to see who will be attending. Any member interested in attending the outing MUST respond to the text within 48 hours (2 days) to be guaranteed a spot. The league is only guaranteed 5-6 tee times (20-24 players) at each course and the league has 28-32 members. Typically the 5-6 tee times are more than enough for the league but some courses generate more interest than others. If the league is unable to get additional tee times anyone after the 24th positive response will be put on the wait and hold list to be notified if someone doesn’t show.

Pay your Greens/Cart Fees – The member is responsible to go to the pro-shop at the course to pay their greens/cart fees for each outing they attend. Tell the pro-shop you are with the Forest Hill Golf League, they have your name if you responded that you would be coming to the group text.

“No-Show” Member Penalty

If the member responds to the group text that they will be at the weekend outing but doesn’t not show up and does not send a text to let the organizers know, they will be charged $10. Games, teams and tee times are set up based on who and how many are playing the round. Not showing up (with NO notice) after you committed to play is inconsiderate and impacts everyone’s enjoyment, especially the organizers who spent time trying to setup games, teams and tee times that everyone would enjoy.

Membership Contact

Anyone interested in membership availability or wants to know more about the league, please contact Forest Hill Golf Club at the following email address and someone will get back with you.