Club Rules – Meant to allow the non-professional golfer to enjoy the game.

  1. Ball Lie – Player may roll the ball anywhere (Fairway or Rough) within a reasonable distance (typically less than one club length) intended to clear a rock, root, divot or rough patch. Cannot move the ball closer to the hole.
  2. Down & Distance – Any shot “out of bounds” allows you to take distance and drop. DO NOT GO BACK TO WHERE YOU HIT THE BALL. Bring ball back in bounds and allow enough room to comfortably address the ball. DO NOT bring it back to the middle of the fairway, DO NOT move it closer to the hole. You MUST count one penalty stroke for this drop. (i.e. if you tee off and the drive goes into the woods, go to where the ball went out of bounds, drop your ball, you’ll be hitting third (3) shot).
  3. Hazard Shots – Drops for Hazards will be administered per course rules. For example, some courses allow the player to hit from the hazard but others will give you a free drop.
  4. Ready Golf – Play “Ready Golf” to keep up the pace of the game. Take your shot when you’re ready, don’t wait for another player to find their ball or get ready.
  5. Sand Traps – “Unattended” or “Unraked” – the player may rake and replace their ball in the trap.
  6. Sand Traps – Muddy / Water Filled – the player may get free relief from the trap. The ball must be placed behind the trap (trap is between the ball and the green) with NO PENALTY. If the ball is than hit back into the trap, the player can replace the ball behind the trap with a one stroke penalty.
  7. Sand Traps – Wet or Insufficient Sand – the player has the choice of free relief to place ball behind the trap or move the ball to a well-maintained area in the trap with NO PENALTY.
  8. Keep the Pace – Pick up your ball after you reach double par. For example, if you are playing a par 4 and hit your 8th shot, pick up your ball. Mark your score double par + 1 which would be 9 for a par 4 hole.
  9. What’s a putt – If your shot settles on the green, all your strokes afterward are considered putts even if your putt goes off the green. If your shot settles just off the green on the “frog hair” and you putt the shot, it does not count as a putt. It would be the same as a “0” putt chip in.


Hole in One – Must be in a scheduled club event. ONLY Forest Hill Golf Club members who are paid up to date PRIOR to teeing off are eligible to win.

Progressive Par 3 Challenge – One par 3 will be selected for each outing. The player who is closest to the pin and birdies the hole will win the Par 3 challenge. If the player does not birdie or better the hole, they do not win the par 3 challenge. If no one wins the par 3 challenge during the outing, it will carry over to the par 3 challenge in the next outing.